A Champion in the Fight Against Hate

In less than a year of the Trump Administration, we’ve had to fight more battles against hate and ignorance than I ever thought would be necessary in 2017. From the Trump-Kobach voting rights intimidation commission, to the announced repeal of DACA, to Trump’s disgusting, unacceptable and continued remarks giving white supremacists and Nazis cover after the Charlottesville riots – we need to stand together as citizens against this hate.

And DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján is one of our best, toughest, and most reliable leaders - paving the way for A Better Deal for the American people. 

In the time that I’ve known and worked with Ben Ray, I’ve seen him tirelessly stand up for the rights of women, minorities, the working-class, the disenfranchised, and every group or individual he’s seen bullied by Donald Trump and out-of-touch Republicans.

We have a long fight ahead of us, and we are fortunate to have Ben Ray leading the DCCC. He is a valuable ally as our #Resistance continues to fight against hatred and inequality everywhere it is promoted by Donald Trump and his Republican Party.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore
Whip, Congressional Black Caucus





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