On The Issues

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Creating Jobs and Getting the Economy Back on Track

This Congress inherited the worst economic situation since the Great Depression. With bold action, we averted a complete economic collapse, but there is still a lot of work to do. In these difficult economic times, Ben Ray Luján is working hard to get our economy back on track. He has supported tax cuts for families and small businesses, voted to provide tax credits for business that hire unemployed workers, and fought for Wall Street reform. Luján also voted against the Wall Street bailout.

Ben Ray is going to continue to cut taxes for the middle class, help empower small businesses to create jobs and work to get our economy back on track.

Fighting for Small Businesses

Ben Ray Luján has talked with small businesses owners across the district, from dairy farms on the eastside to restaurants in Gallup. They want to create jobs and help get our economy moving again. Lujan has worked to provide tax credits for small businesses that hire unemployed workers and through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Rep. Lujan support a broad range of tax cuts and loan fee waivers that have helped small businesses in these tough times.

Making Government Fiscally Responsible

Under the Bush Administration, we saw our national debt and deficit soar. Ben Ray Lujan has taken fought for fiscal responsibility by supporting legislation that requires legislation to be budget neutral. Families have to watch their checkbooks, Washington should have to do the same. Ben Ray Lujan voted against a pay raise for members of Congress.

Taking on Wall Street

Democrats battled to pass Wall Street reforms to hold the banks accountable and limit mortgage abuses, CEO bonuses, and high-risk investments that endanger the economy. Republicans opposed reforming Wall Street and sided with the lobbyists protecting CEO bonuses.

Encouraging Energy Independence

American must end its dependence on oil from hostile nations, and Ben Ray Luján is fighting to make America more energy independent, create new jobs and lower energy costs. Ben Ray Luján is a leader on energy issues in Congress. He chairs the Congressional Hispanic Caucus' Green Economy and Renewable Energy Task Force, where he focuses on the role of the Hispanic community in the advancement of clean energy policy. Ben Ray Luján worked with his colleagues to pass the American Clean Energy and Security Act, including language to fund clean energy job training and support for Hispanic Serving Institutions.

Ben Ray Luján has taken the lead on several pieces of legislation that will increase clean energy use, including the SOLAR Act, which he co-authored and the Community College Energy Training Act of 2009, which he authored.

Ben Ray also supported more natural gas use with the Natural Gas Vehicles Research and Development Act which will provide for a program of research, development, and demonstration on natural gas vehicles and the New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act of 2009 (NAT GAS Act).

Ben Ray Luján is going to keep fighting to make America more energy independent and to create new energy jobs.

Improving Schools for New Mexico's Children

We can help get our economy back by empowering the next generation with the skills and knowledge they need to create jobs here in New Mexico. Schools in New Mexico need support to lower dropout rates and increase student performance. By supporting the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Ben Ray Luján made sure that teachers stayed in the classroom. There was also significant investments in school improvements.

In a competitive global economy, higher education is more important than ever. Ben Ray Luján supported student loan reform, which will increase Pell Grants and make it easier for college students to pay back their loans. Ben Ray Luján introduced the Community College Energy Training Act, which will provide funding to expand clean energy programs at community college.

On the Committee on Science and Technology, is working to expand and improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) curriculum in our schools. America needs to produce more scientists, innovators and engineers to compete in a global economy. Rep. Luján cosponsored the STEM Education Coordination Act, which will coordinate STEM education activities and help improve the program.

Ben Ray Luján is going to keep fighting to help students get a strong education, reduce dropout rates, and improve college educations for all students.

Standing up for Veterans

New Mexico is home to approximately 176,000 veterans, including about 20,000 Iraq veterans. The needs of our returning veterans must be a priority. Ben Ray Luján has worked hard to make sure our veterans get the benefits they have earned and deserve. Ben Ray supported the Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act. The legislation authorizes Congress to approve advanced investments for the Department of Veterans Affairs, providing them with the time to plan how to deliver the best care.

Ben Ray is going to keep fighting to make sure that our veterans have the resources and benefits they have earned and deserve.

Reforming the Health Insurance System

For too long a broken health insurance system has caused skyrocketing costs for those with coverage and has left many New Mexicans without coverage or under-covered. Ben Ray fought to fix this broken system by taking on insurance companies and voting for health insurance reform that will lower costs, reduce the deficit, provide more insurance choices for families and small businesses, and stop insurance companies from denying and dropping sick patients.

Protecting our Land, Water and Resources

New Mexicans are blessed with beautiful and bountiful lands natural resources, Ben Ray Luján is working hard to make sure that future generations can enjoy the land and resources he grew up with. Ben Ray has introduced several pieces of legislation to protect land and resources in New Mexico, including legislation to protect the Sabinoso Wilderness.

Ben Ray Luján is going to keep fighting to protect our land, our natural resources and the culture and traditions associated with them.

Fixing Broken Government

The Citizens United Supreme Court ruling has made it possible for corporations and even foreign companies to have an unlimited influence in elections, flooding campaigns with corporate money. Ben Ray Luján supports legislation that will get corporate money out of elections and close loopholes allowing foreign companies to influence elections.

Fighting for Indian Country

Ben Ray Luján will continue to fight for Indian County. Luján has a deep respect for tribal sovereignty and he will always fight to protect it. Luján worked to increase BIA and IHS funding in the Recovery Act and the House Interior Appropriations bill, and he fought to make sure that the Indian Health Care Improvements Act was included in the health insurance reform legislation.

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