Taking on Credit Card Companies

Ben Ray Luján cosponsored the Credit Card Holder’s Bill of Rights, which was signed into law by the President. The legislation will level the playing field between credit card companies and consumers and increase protections against unfair and misleading credit card practices.

Taking on Wall Street and Ending Too Big to Fail

Ben Ray Luján supported Wall Street reform and included an amendment in the legislation that would help end too big to fail. His amendment would prevent banks from merging with nonbanks to unfairly dominate a market. The amendment passed the House.

Clean Energy for Economic Prosperity

Ben Ray Luján voted to invest in clean energy and move our country away from our dangerous dependence on foreign oil. Additionally, he has been a leader in the fight for a renewable energy standard. New Mexico is a natural leader in renewable energy development–promoting renewable can be good not only good for our environment, but our economy.

Promoting Research at our National Labs

Ben Ray Luján authored legislation that will encourage more scientific research at Los Alamos National Laboratories and provide steady funding for this research. As a co-chair of the Tech Transfer Caucus, Ben Ray works to highlight the need for translating Lab innovations to meet the needs of New Mexico’s businesses and communities. Ben Ray also authored a bill on Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), to help foster relationships between national labs and businesses.

Demanding Fiscal Responsibility

Ben Ray Luján cosponsored PAYGO legislation that requires legislation to be budget neutral. PAYGO was last in place in the 1990s and helped turn massive deficits into record surpluses. Luján voted against an automatic pay raise for members of Congress.

Training Students for Clean Energy Jobs

Ben Ray Luján authored the Community College Energy Training Act to support the training of students to work in clean energy, including the wind, geothermal, solar, and biomass sectors.

Protecting Treasured Lands and Preserving our Culture

Ben Ray Luján introduced legislation to protect treasured land in New Mexico, including the Sabinoso Wildress and the Rio Grande del Norte conservation area. Rep. Lujan has also been instrumental in advocating for our Acequias and our Land Grants so that NewMexico’s traditions are preserved. Luján introduced language to support New Mexico’s acequia associations, allowing them to be eligible for federal funds.

Standing up for Veterans

Ben Ray Luján cosponsored the Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act, authorizing Congress to approve advanced appropriations to the Department of Veterans Affairs. This will provide them with time to plan to deliver the best care for veterans. Luján opened his district offices to veterans to sign up for the new GI Bill, which provides opportunities for returning Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans to go to college.

Listening to the People of New Mexico

Ben Ray Luján has made himself available through 100's of public meetings and by traveling 1,000's of miles across one of the largest districts in the nation (47,000 square miles).

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