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Ben Ray was born and raised in New Mexico, growing up in the small community of Nambé and knows his job is to put people first. He understands that the future of our nation depends on the strength of our middle classAs our Congressman, Ben Ray has always been dedicated to standing up for New Mexico values.  

He is working to build a strong economy that means good jobs for working families striving for the American Dream. Ben Ray voted against the GOP Tax Scamwhich was a sweetheart deal for billionaires and large corporations that will be bankrolled on the backs of middle-class families. He is standing for small businesses by protecting access to our public lands because he knows that New Mexico’s small business community thrives on tourism to our beautiful open spaces. 

This is the moment we need to stand together. 

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Ben Ray knows that clean air, clean water and public lands are essential to our way of life in New Mexico and our local economy. As a leading voice in the House in the fight against climate change, Ben Ray worked with his colleagues to introduce legislation to establish a national renewable energy standard, so that we can take advantage of the environmental and economic benefits of clean energy.  

He also introduced first-of-its-kind legislation to protect traditional land uses for our acequias and land grants, which allows acequias to be eligible for federal funds and requires both to be consulted when the federal government takes local action. In addition, Ben Ray understands the value of our national monuments, collaborating with grassroots organizations to protect the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument, opening the Sabinoso Wilderness, establishing the Cerro del Yuta and Rio San Antonio Wilderness Areas for the next generation. 

In our community, Congressman Luján is standing up for our families, our children and veterans that served our nation. Ben Ray is working across the aisle with Republicans to confront the opioid crisis impacting families across New Mexico and across the country. He is pushing legislation to make sure that communities can get the help and resources they need to combat addiction.   

He introduced the State Public Option Act to create a Medicaid Buy-In for individual states, especially New Mexico because he supports universal and affordable health care that maintains VA and IHS services for veterans and Native American communities.  

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Ben Ray understands that the next generation is the future of our nation. He knows working families need reliable childcare that doesn’t cost more than they earn and he cosponsored the Child Care for Working Families Act to ensure affordable, high-quality child care for working families across the country.  

He believes in quality education for every New Mexican and every American. Ben Ray supports bipartisan efforts to modernize public education, provide access to early education through the Head Start program, and help families save for their child’s education through the Save for Success Act, which he introduced. Our education system for our children is the foundation for our country’s future. 

He is proud to support and honor our veterans. He cosponsored the Manufacturing Jobs for Veterans Act to increase access to manufacturing jobs for those transitioning from service. He introduced the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act to address the effects of PTSD and the mental health issues in our veterans community.  

He knows that it matters how we treat people and believes everyone must be treated equally regardless of their gender, color of their skin or who they love. 

Ben Ray is a staunch advocate for women’s healthcare and reproductive rights. He supports the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision and believes that reproductive decisions belong between a woman and her doctor. Ben Ray earned a 100% pro-choice score from NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood. 

Guarenteeing equal rights for LGBTQ individuals is fundamental to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. A person’s sexual orientation should not prevent them from being treated equally or serving our country in the armed forces.  

“When we work together we win together!” 

There’s too much at stake this election cycle, and Ben Ray is fighting to restore checks and balances in our nation. Stand with Congressman Luján today!  

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2018 is a year of opportunity 

Over the past two years, millions of Americans stood up for our shared American values. They marched in the women’s marches, protested against the Muslim ban, and stood up against racism and hate in our nation. The fight isn’t over and together we can protect our democracy this November.  

Ben Ray has visited communities across northern New Mexico and is committed to working with people to represent their voice in Congress. The grassroots is the strength and future of our democracy and Ben Ray is collaborating with local groups to ensure as many voters as possible make it to the polls to cast their ballot.  

As the Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Ben Ray works with local organizations to elect leaders who are unafraid to stand up to this administration and stand up for our American ideals, and together we can help him.  

"It’s the grassroots that are going to ultimately decide who is going to be the president in 2020 and who’s going to control the Congress after the 2018 election cycle." 

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