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The House is in Play

In case you missed it, DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján outlined in a memo to staff and members this week why the House is undoubtedly in play in 2018. This is the first time Luján has said this since becoming Chairman in 2015.

Top Dem campaign official: House is in play for 2018

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — The chairman of House Democrats’ campaign arm said Wednesday that control of the House is in play for the 2018 midterm elections, a statement that comes in the wake of a disappointing loss for Democrats in Georgia.

The House is in Play- Let's March into '18 Together

Last night’s results in Georgia were disappointing – we wanted to win and left everything on the field. Despite the loss, we have a lot to be proud of. The margin was close in this deep red district, and Jon Ossoff pushed the race to the limit in both the primary and runoff by impressively mobilizing the base and persuading independents and moderate Republicans. We will carry those key lessons forward in order to compete in districts as Republican-leaning as Georgia, and also the dozens of districts on our battlefield that are much more competitive.

DCCC Chairman Says Majority is 'Defintely Going to Be in Play'

In the wake of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Ben Ray Luján declared the House majority would be up for grabs in 2016.



  • Congressman Ben Ray Luján knows that affordable access to quality health care is a critical part of the Democratic Party plan to give Americans A Better Deal. We should work to fix what’s not working with the Affordable Care Act today while moving forward with the parts that have already helped to insure millions of Americans.
  • As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health, Ben Ray works every day on the front lines of the fight for better healthcare. He has fought to preserve and strengthen the Affordable Care Act (ACA), protecting the 183,000 New Mexicans who were able to buy health insurance through new, affordable and quality plans.
  • Representative Luján stands ready to work across the aisle in an open and transparent process to find the best ideas that will improve care and build on the successes of – and the lessons learned from – the ACA.
  • New Mexican seniors should have access to the care they need for ailments often ignored. To do that, Ben Ray has introduced the Behavioral Health Infrastructure Improvement Act to increase investment and expand mental health services for Medicare recipients.
  • As uncertainty continues to dominate our national conversation on health care, Ben Ray will fight tooth and nail against Republican attempts to make further cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, which overwhelmingly burden our seniors, veterans, children, and disabled Americans. 


  • A growing economy cannot exist without improved public education. As Chairman of the Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee (DCCC), Ben Ray knows good politics create good policy, which is why he champions quality education for every New Mexican.
  • He recognizes the critical role education plays in preparing students for a successful future. Representative Luján will continue to support efforts that ensure all children have access to early education, including the Head Start program, which serves 7,500 New Mexican kids.
  • A Better Deal for American workers means preparing our future leaders from day one. That’s why Representative Luján supports bipartisan efforts to modernize public education, emphasizing equal access to resources, STEM skills, and streamlined assessment programs that give educators more time to focus on their students. 
  • Higher education should be an opportunity for every student, not a luxury for a privileged few. That means no one should have to go into debt to finance their education and no prospective college student should be scared away from their own potential because of the cost of tuition.
  • To that end, Representative Luján introduced the Save for Success Act, which helps hardworking families to save for their child’s education years in advance.
  • The average college graduate begins the next chapter in their life with close to $30,000 in debt, which is a detriment to young adults as they try to purchase a new house or start a family. We have to do better.
  • Recognizing that millions of college graduates are struggling to pay off existing student debt, Representative Luján cosponsored the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act, which lets students refinance their existing loans at a lower rate, helping them keep more of their hard-earned money.

Climate Change

  • New Mexico is home to some of the most unique and beautiful natural resources in the world. Congressman Luján is committed to protecting and preserving those resources for future generations.
  • A Better Deal for New Mexicans – and all Americans – means a serious and sustained campaign that combats climate change as well as climate deniers in Congress who continue to stick their heads in the sand in response to what military leaders call our most serious national security threat.
  • Ben Ray rejects the notion that we must choose between a successful, growing economy or a healthy, sustainable environment. He will continue to serve as an outspoken advocate for initiatives that protect clean air and water, create green jobs that support New Mexico’s economy, and ensure our communities have a healthy future.
  • Representative Luján strongly supports funding outdoor recreation and conservation programs that promote New Mexico’s rich cultural history and the stunning landscapes that shaped it. 


  • Representative Luján is proud to support and honor those who dedicate their lives protecting our country. He believes “supporting the troops” is to do so at every stage of their lives – from the day they enter the service, during the time they wear the uniform, and as they discharge, grow their families, and work here at home.
  • Military service demands much not only from our heroes, but their from families as well. To ensure every veteran has access to the care they have earned, Ben Ray has supported the Veterans’ Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act. This legislation works to expand VA resources, increase accountability, and reduce the department’s backlog so veterans have timely access to the care they deserve.
  • Congressman Luján also introduced the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act, which is supported by numerous veterans groups. The bill addresses the mental health crisis in our veterans community and provides the care they need to support their families, succeed at their jobs, and live full, happy and healthy lives.
  • To provide the tools our veterans need to succeed out of uniform, Representative Luján introduced legislation that would guarantee veterans the higher minimum wage – state or federal – while they continue their education on the federal Work Study program. He has also cosponsored the Manufacturing Jobs for Veterans Act to increase access to manufacturing jobs for those transitioning from service.  

Listening to the People of New Mexico

  • Ben Ray Luján has made himself available through 100's of public meetings and by traveling 1,000's of miles across one of the largest districts in the nation (47,000 square miles).

Meet Ben Ray


New Mexico Values

Ben Ray was born and raised in New Mexico, growing up in the small community of Nambe. Since joining Congress in 2009, he has worked to get our economy back on track, supported health insurance reform, worked to reform Wall Street, stood up for consumers by cosponsoring the Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights, and fought keep student loan rates down.

Standing Up For New Mexicans

Prior to his election to Congress in November 2008, Ben Ray served as the chairman of the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission where he represented North Eastern, North Central and Central New Mexico.

On the PRC, Ben Ray fought to improve health care for New Mexicans by investigating the health-insurance industry’s denial practices and spearheading development of legislation that expands access to insurance and closes loopholes. The industry had been using these loopholes to unfairly deny medical claims and void policies. Ben Ray also took on Qwest when they refused to honor their promise to invest in New Mexico.

As a leading proponent of renewable energy on the PRC, Ben Ray worked to increase renewable energy production by New Mexico utilities to 20 percent of their total production by 2020. He also pushed to diversify the renewable portfolio to include solar energy. With his colleagues in California, Oregon and Washington, Ben Ray signed on to the Joint Action Framework on Climate Change on behalf of the state of New Mexico, bringing states together to fight global warming and change the way they generated energy.

Before his election to the PRC, Ben Ray served as the New Mexico Cultural Affairs Department’s director of administrative services and chief financial officer. He also served as deputy state treasurer. Ben Ray earned his Bachelor’s degree from New Mexico Highlands University in Business Administration.

Taking the Fight to Congress

Since joining Congress, Ben Ray Luján has continued to stand up for New Mexicans. When credit card companies tried to take advantage of consumers, Ben Ray stood up to them and cosponsored the Credit Card Holder’s Bill of Rights. When insurance companies sought to drop sick patients and deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, Ben Ray fought to reform health insurance and end these bad practices. When Wall Street refused to end the practices that got us into an economic mess, Ben Ray took on Wall Street. He even added an amendment to help stop “too big to fail”.

Ben Ray Luján knows that New Mexicans are struggling, and he’s working to create and keep jobs in New Mexico. He supported the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which saved jobs for thousands of New Mexicans, including teachers, police officers and firefighters. And the legislation provided the largest middle class tax cut ever. Ben Ray also co-chairs the bipartisan Tech Transfer Caucus, which focuses on how to strengthen our economy by helping move innovations occurring at our national labs and universities into the marketplace.

Protecting New Mexico’s treasured natural resources and traditions are also of great importance. A leading voice in the House in the fight against climate change, Ben Ray understands the devastating impact that drought and wildfires have had in New Mexico. Additionally, Ben Ray introduced language to support New Mexico’s acequia associations, allowing them to be eligible for federal funds.

A member of House leadership, Ben Ray Luján sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee where he works on issues related to clean energy, improving broadband access, and expanding access to quality health care.


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