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What They're Saying: Widespread Praise for Democrats' #ABetterDeal Economic Agenda

"Rollout held in Virginia’s 10th District, a swing district that symbolizes why the House is in play in 2018"

In case you missed it, House and Senate Democrats unveiled A Better Deal for the American people.

How Democrats Could Actually Offer ‘A Better Deal’

Democrats are focusing like a laser beam on reversing wage stagnation and encouraging good-paying, full-time jobs.

Can Democrats Win by Building a Better Trump?

BERRYVILLE, Va. — Surrounded by barns and a gazebo in this quaint Southern town, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were far from their respective bases in San Francisco and Brooklyn.

Democrats Cast Wide Net in Shaping ‘Better Deal’ Platform

Democrats are set to unveil their “Better Deal” agenda Monday afternoon. Over the past seven months, the House Democrats’ campaign arm has sought to foster unity around an economically focused agenda through meetings with stakeholders and conversations with voters.

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